Ana Pantelic and Fundación Capital: Bridging Theory and Practice in Economic Citizenship

July 5, 2017

Ana Pantelic is the Director of Business and Partnership Development at Fundación Capital, working to promote economic citizenship for low-income and vulnerable people throughout the world. An international development professional and social innovator with an interdisciplinary education and multicultural background, she is currently based in New York City, and has previously lived and worked on three continents. She focuses her professional activities on sustainable development, poverty alleviation and innovation for change. She holds a Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Belgrade, an MA in International Relations and a BS in Communication, both from Boston University.

An enthusiastic proponent of the notion that disruptive ideas change the world, Ana has spent the last few years working with Fundación Capital in Bogotá, Colombia, as leader of the award-winning LISTA Initiative. She is a Social Policy and Communication consultant for the Center for Rural Development and Applied Learning, founder of the Sustainable Habits for Sustainable Development project, and an affiliated researcher with the Center for Environmental Policy and Sustainable Development in her native Serbia.

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