Elena Timofeeva of Safe House Foundation: Fighting Worldwide Human Trafficking

September 7, 2020

Hosted by Robert Rimm

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Elena Timofeeva is the founder of Safe House Foundation. An expert in the field of human trafficking, Elena has a degree in psychology and 14 years of experience directly working with the issues of human trafficking. As a student, she was a volunteer in an NGO and started doing outreach work on the streets of St. Petersburg in Russia, where she met women and children who were involved in street prostitution. Later she joined a team of the UN agency International Organisation for Migration and they established the first rehabilitation center for human-trafficking survivors in Russia. Safe House Foundation, founded in 2009 is working towards a world without violence and exploitation. Their specialists provide direct assistance to victims of different types of human trafficking, work with general society, educate specialists with different backgrounds on human-trafficking issues and work on referral mechanisms to provide victims with comprehensive assistance. Encore broadcast: first aired in March 2019.