Kyle Zimmer and First Book: Fueling Learning for Children in Need

September 6, 2017

In 1992 Kyle Zimmer, then a practicing attorney, was volunteering at a soup kitchen in Washington, DC. Realizing that the kids she was working with had no books in their lives, she set out with two friends to build a market-driven solution to ensure all children have access to critical books and resources.

More than 20 years and 150 million brand-new books later, Kyle continues to lead First Book, the nonprofit social enterprise she cofounded to ensure that local schools and community programs across the country serving children from low-income families would have a steady supply of the brand-new, high-quality books they so desperately need. Under Kyle’s leadership, First Book has built the largest and fastest growing network of schools and programs serving children in need across the United States and Canada – over 275,000 at last count – and growing by more than 5,000 per month.

Kyle’s commitment to innovation and collaboration has earned her a reputation as a social sector leader. She currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors for Dr. Seuss Enterprises, L.P., which is responsible for protecting and overseeing the integrity of Dr. Seuss books, properties, licensing and related products, and of the Board of Directors for Ashoka, which works to support the finest social entrepreneurs in more than 70 countries. She also serves on the Youth Venture Board of Directors and as a member of the board for James Patterson’s ReadKiddoRead. Kyle has also been a recipient of numerous awards including Social Entrepreneur of the Year by the Schwab Foundation and The National Book Foundation 2014 Literarian Award.  

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