Rebecca Masisak and TechSoup: Developing Infrastructure Within a Civil Society Ecosystem

April 13, 2017

Rebecca Masisak is CEO of TechSoup. She joined TechSoup in 2001 to launch and chart the growth of its technology product donation program and social enterprise.

TechSoup provides the transformative technology solutions, the digital platforms, and the in-person experiences that enable people to work together toward a more equitable world. The TechSoup Global Network operates the world’s only fully global technology philanthropy program, which has saved nonprofits worldwide more than U.S.$7.6 billion in technology expenses. TechSoup’s Validation Services help connect philanthropy and giving beyond the TechSoup catalog. The program makes accessible vetted information on 851,000 NGOs in 236 countries and territories, which helps givers to expand the resources they offer to a broader community and helps validated nonprofit organizations to gain access to a diverse set of critical resources. In addition, TechSoup’s online and offline resources engage a community of experts to enhance connections, education, and impact in the global social sector.

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Tune into the interview with Rebecca and click through the corresponding slideshow to the left… (Photos courtesy of TechSoup.)