Scott Warren and Generation Citizen: A Belief in Positive Politics

January 23, 2017

Scott Warren is the CEO of Generation Citizen.  He cofounded the organization at Brown University with fellow student Anna Ninan during their senior year in 2009 and has worked the last seven years to build up GC’s programming and work to expand action civics throughout the country.

Scott’s passion for the importance of youth political engagement stems from his experience growing up abroad. After his father joined the State Department, Scott lived throughout Latin America and Africa, learning about diverse cultures and peoples. In 2002, Scott served as an observer in the first truly democratic elections in Kenya’s history, where he began to recognize the transformative potential of democracy. He also witnessed a coup in Ecuador in 2005 and met with opposition members during run-off elections in Zimbabwe in 2008.

During college, he served as the Student Director of STAND, a national student anti-genocide coalition. STAND worked with over 800 high school and college chapters to advocate US action to prevent and end genocide, and create a permanent student anti-genocide constituency. Scott also helped lead successful campaigns to divest Brown University, the City of Providence, and the State of Rhode Island from companies conducting business in Sudan.

Scott was named an Echoing Green Fellow in 2010, and a Draper Richards Kaplan Fellow in 2012.  He continues to write on subjects ranging youth political engagement to African politic to sports, and has been published in the Christian Science Monitor, New York Daily News, Huffington Post, San Diego Union-Tribune, Sports Illustrated, Philadelphia Inquirer, and the Providence Journal.

Tune into the interview with Scott and click through the corresponding slideshow to the left… (photos credits: Generation Citizen)