David Schwartz and Sunny Kim, Paving the Way Toward a Real Food Economy

May 24, 2016

Hosted by Anne Ultizio

David Schwartz, campaign director, and Sunny Kim, steering community member, are two driving forces behind the Real Food Challenge, a national nonprofit organization with a mission to shift $1 billion of existing university food budgets away from industrial farms and junk food and toward local, community-based, fair, ecologically sound and humane food sources—“real food”—by 2020. The organization leverages the power of youth and universities to create a healthy, fair and green food system, and also maintains a national network of student food activists—providing opportunities for networking, learning, and leadership development for thousands of emerging leaders.

Tune into the interview with David and Sunny, click through the corresponding slideshow to the left and watch the two featured videos showcasing RFC’s mission and Sunny’s involvement on the Hotchkiss School farm and Johns Hopkins University’s RFC Chapter.