Douglass Sims and NRDC: Green Economy Advocacy

August 6, 2017

Douglass Sims is the Director of Strategy and Finance for the Natural Resources Defense Council’s Center for Market Innovation. He joined the NRDC in 2010 after spending a number of years as an international law firm associate, where he helped finance energy and infrastructure projects in Latin America, Africa and other emerging markets around the globe. Today he works on a wide range of issues related to renewable energy deployment in the United States and abroad. Douglass holds a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Stanford University and a JD from Harvard Law School and is based in New York City.

The Center for Market Innovation, CMI, is accelerating the shift to a greener economy, aiming to implement new approaches to finance and investment that offers strong profit potential and increased opportunity for people of all income levels. Their experts collaborate with private- and public-sector leaders to accelerate the adoption of more resilient, inclusive and efficient investment models.

CMI focuses on food, water, shelter, and energy, as these are our vital building blocks and hold the greatest potential for transformative environmental market opportunities. CMI’s work covers a wide range including green banks and bonds, better beef and sustainable regional food systems, energy-efficient apartments, distributed energy resources, and green infrastructure. By applying technical expertise and cultivating strategic relationships, CMI helps to create ever more practical and smarter solutions.

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