Fagan Harris and Baltimore Corps: Providing Opportunity and Access Through Strong Leadership

May 19, 2016

Hosted by Holly Camisa

Fagan Harris is the CEO of Baltimore Corps and cofounder/Director of the Aspen Institute’s Impact Careers Initiative. Baltimore Corps recruits results-oriented professionals, locally and nationally, to scale the impact of leading social change organizations in Baltimore. The Aspen Institute Impact Careers Initiative’s mission is to identify the institutional barriers holding talented millennials back from impact careers.

Fagan graduated from Stanford University with his B.A. in political science and American studies in 2009. He attended the University of Limerick for an M.A. in human rights and criminal justice. Fagan also attended the University of Oxford and was the recipient of a Rhodes Scholarship. His previous work experience includes time with College Track and the White House Council for Community Solutions. Fagan is an Emerson Collective Fellow. As part of the Emerson Collective, Fagan served as the Chair of National Outreach for The Dream is Now, a campaign for common sense immigration reform.

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