Liz Powers and ArtLifting: Making Invisible Talent Visible

November 28, 2017

Hosted by Phillip Thomas

Additional music provided by Kai Engel


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ArtLifting is a benefit corporation founded by Liz Powers and her brother Spencer Powers in 2013 that connects socially conscious companies with talented artists impacted by homelessness or disabilities. ArtLifting is headquartered in Boston, MA but works with 150 different artists in 19 different states.

As Chief Happiness Spreader, Liz is ArtLifting’s heart and soul. She is a serial social entrepreneur who has received multiple grants and awards for her work.  In 2010, Liz was awarded the “Unsung Heroine Award” in the Massachusetts State House for founding art collectives and the LIFT Bike Project. Liz has an AB, cum laude, in Sociology from Harvard College and an MSc from the University of Edinburgh.  Recently Liz was recognized by Forbes Magazine as part of their 30 under 30 Social Entrepreneurs series.

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Tune into the interview with Liz and click through the corresponding slideshow to the left… (Photos courtesy of ArtLifting.)