Sasha Fisher and Spark Microgrants: Helping Communities Create Their Own Success

June 2, 2016

Hosted by Holly Camisa

Sasha Fisher, cofounder and Executive Director of Spark Microgrants, works to create a world in which all can live with dignity and determine their own positive futures. Spark Microgrants catalyzes rural communities facing poverty into action. Spark promotes a ‘community-driven, expert supported’ model for development, where local communities are the primary drivers of social change, but have the support and advice of global development experts. Sasha Fisher moved to East Africa in July 2010 to develop the Spark MicroGrants model. Her passion for community-led development stems from time spent in South Sudan, South Africa, India and Uganda. Sasha received her BA from the University of Vermont in Studio Art and a self-designed major of Human Security.

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