Michael K. Hole and Street Cred: Helping Families Access Healthy Futures

September 13, 2018


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Michael Hole is a physician-entrepreneur and Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Population Health, and Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin, where he teaches design thinking and social policy to graduate students. He leads Social Impact Labs, an incubator for entrepreneurial ventures addressing health-related social needs, and Children’s Health Express, a mobile clinic bringing wraparound medical, financial, legal, and social services to hard-to-reach, high-risk street youths and children in homeless shelters and jails.

Dr. Hole started his career in social services focused on child trafficking before founding two international development campaigns: (1) Power of Children, which co-started a self-sustaining school now serving 350 students yearly in post-conflict Uganda; and (2) Be Haiti, which co-funded a new food product treating 50,000 malnourished youths yearly and an orphanage for disabled children in post-earthquake Haiti. He is Co-Founder at StreetCred, a national nonprofit helping low-income families file taxes, build wealth, and apply for basic resources in pediatricians’ waiting rooms.

Dr. Hole, a first-generation college graduate, was a top student at Butler University before earning his MD and MBA from Stanford with concentrations in public management, community health, and social innovation. He completed a pediatrics residency at Harvard.

StreetCred improves the health and well-being of American children by helping families build assets and access evidence-based government programs shown to reduce poverty and improve life trajectories for vulnerable youth. Today we’re building an America where every family has the resources and money it needs to raise healthy children.

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